Welcome to the lab

What we do

We develop apps for Web, Android and iPhone, while specializing in web based applications and making use of Cordova to port a single code base to these platforms.

Mobile Apps

Multi-platform mobile apps allow for automatic and manual data capture, an input system, and a basic reporting platform. Automatic data capture is mobile's strongest feature but also allows users to react with less effort and input much faster.

Web Apps

Websites offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to data input and reporting. Data input screens can be made available for internal or external use for capture to the same system. Reports can be generated in any format and made available for download.

Data API's

Data makes a system work and an API securely makes your data available over the internet to all systems that need to work together. Make data available to business clients where services are inter-linked. Create real-time event driven systems and react immediately as data is captured.

Our Methodology

No more redundancy

Streamline repetitive tasks and routines through smart applications and interfaces.

Capture once

Capture data to an API which is made securely accessible to all interfaces, mobile or desktop.

Reduce human error

Set intelligent input criteria on capture interfaces in order to ensure data accuracy.

UX focused

User experience is of utmost importance when planning, designing and creating interfaces.



Appture Pay

Web app and payment gateway. All functions are available via its oAuth2 secured API. The most notable features are split-payments, recurring debits, pre-authorisation of funds and payments made directly into a bank account.


Crafted Arts

An online portal, web and mobile apps, created for crafters to upload and sell their products. It includes a courier and handles payment, pickup and delivery requests on behalf of the crafter. Payments are automatically split and paid out to the crafter, a possible curator and the courier.


Click A Tyre

An eCommerce site built on our Appture Hub CMS. It features a product sync (brands, categories, products with stock and images) from a database on a local server to it's API on a remote server.



Java based Android app and web based backend. The App was created for use by mobile nurses who go to insurance companies' possible new clients for rapid testing. A web based backend is used by company staff to fill in details for each case, location and which tests need to be taken. The app indicates this to the nurse and the nurse fills in only what is required, including any necessary photos and client signatures. After completion, the app uploads the results to the server via it's secure API.

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